Perfect Video Poker FAQ
Q: Will this app run on my phone or tablet?
PerfectVideoPoker runs on any Android version 1.5 or higher which is virtually every Android device.

Q: Can I adjust the sound level or turn if off without changing the vibration?
A: Use the Home key and then run the Settings program. Select "Sound and display", and then Media volume.

Q: Why don't I get a vibration when selecting differently than PerfectVideoPoker?
A: If your device supports vibration, use the Home key and run the Settings program. Select "Sound and display", and make sure the "Phone vibrate" box is checked. Some devices do not support vibrate.

Q: Is it possible that a hand can be played more than one way and be correct?
A: Yes. A common example is in Deuces Wild when you are dealt two pair of low cards, e.g. 3s, 3h, 7s, 7h, and 9d. Keeping either the 3's or 7's (but not both) is the correct play. The database in PerfectVideoPoker has information about these hands. If the player correctly selects one of the correct hands, PerfectVideoPoker will select the same cards as the player.

Q: Does the correct play change depending on the amount bet?
A: Bets of 1 to 4 credits have the same correct play because the amount paid is proportional to the bet. Betting 5 credits however can change the correct play and the database in PerfectVideoPoker contains the information to give you the correct play. Look at these paytables to see the difference in the return.

Q: I think PerfectVideoPoker made a mistake. I was dealt x-x-x-x-x and held y-y-y. PerfectVideoPoker said I should have held z-z-z, and I think it is wrong.
A: Send it to me and I will show you why PerfectVideoPoker played the hand the way it did. Send it to admin at perfect video poker dot com.
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